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Dr. Oswald S. Euell is the former Executive Secretary (Chief Operating Officer) of the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He is a committed Pastor, church administrator and Evangelist. He has been recognized for his outstanding ministry and unwavering commitment to the mission of Christ. Pastor Euell began his pastoral ministry in the Western New York area, and continued in the Hudson Valley, Queens and Brooklyn areas.


Pastor Euell traveled extensively to various World Divisions where he conducted evangelistic meetings, baptized hundreds of souls and planted churches. He has trained and mentored pastors for ministry through Andrews University Theological Seminary Field School of Evangelism.


As Executive Secretary of the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, Dr. Euell was tasked with various responsibilities including managing the strategic membership growth, where he led by example, participating in its increase from 50,000 members in 2012 to over 60,000 members in 2021. To that end, over the last six years, working with various evangelistic teams, Dr. Euell led the conference, with over 400 souls baptized. A few recent evangelistic meetings included, the series in Far Rockaway in 2021 where 70 souls were baptized and a new mission (The Rock SDA Mission) was established; a four-week evangelistic series in Queens, NY in 2019 where 107 souls were baptized and the City SDA Mission was established; in 2018, where he conducted a four-week evangelistic series in Brooklyn, NY with over 50 souls were baptized, the All Nation SDA Mission was strengthened, and surrounding churches benefited from the harvest of souls, including the Brooklyn Faith SDA Church; and in 2017 on Staten Island where he conducted a six-week evangelistic series, baptizing 50 precious souls, and launched the New Era African SDA Mission, and strengthened two Hispanic SDA groups, and one Franco-Haitian SDA Mission.

Over the last nine years, Dr. Euell fulfilled various corporate responsibilities where he served as the liaison officer for the Northeastern Conference Corporation, negotiating and executing half a billion dollars in real estate transactions. Dr. Euell presided over 45 real estate church and other property closings, and supervised other major construction and renovation projects throughout the Northeastern territory. He worked with the Conference leadership team in the establishment of the Victory Lake Wellness Center. Dr. Euell worked with the Camp Victory Lake team on the renovation and transformation of Victory Lake campground and the development plan of the New Pavilion for Camp Victory Lake. Dr. Euell was a member of the Northeastern Conference leadership team that established the Endowment Fund for Christian Education, and he also worked on other development projects, positioning the Northeastern Conference to have other income streams for generations to come. As a member of the Northeastern Conference leadership team Dr. Euell was instrumental in helping to eliminate back tithes to the higher organizations in 2016, and also the reshaping and restructuring of the New England area conference.

Dr. Euell has served on many committees including:

  • Vice Chair of the Conference Executive Committee,

  • Vice Chair of the Board of Education,

  • Chairman of the Conference Building Committee,

  • Chairman of the Northeastern Academy Board,

  • Chairman of the Conference Constitution & Bylaws Committee,

  • Chairman of the Regional Conferences’ Personal Ministries Black Caucus, and

  • Chair of the Personal Ministries Committee on Lay Training for the General Conference Initiative on Evangelism in New York City (NY13).

Prior to being Executive Secretary of the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Pastor Euell served as Personal Ministries Director and also Sabbath School Director. His responsibilities included the organization of the annual Departmental Training Convention in Albany, New York. He has developed workbooks on Evangelism Strategies and Leadership Skills for Laity and Clergy and provided Evangelistic Brochures for the Franco-Haitian and Hispanic language groups. He also developed programs, including the Lay Evangelism Institute, to ensure the organization of all Missions in the Conference.


In 2010, Pastor Euell organized the Year of Lay Evangelism, which resulted in over 2,000 souls joining the Northeastern Conference. In 2011 he also organized “Harvest 2011”, a Lay Evangelism thrust to maintain Church growth in the Conference.


Pastor Euell holds the distinction of raising the highest subscriptions (124%) in the history of the World Church for The Message Magazine, and keeping Northeastern among the top three conferences with annual subscriptions.


He also served as a Legal Resource Person for Minorities in New York State Legal Aid Society and has been recognized by city and legislative bodies for community outreach.


His credentials include a Doctorate of Ministry, a Master of Divinity, a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and English, a Paralegal Assistant Degree and a Certificate in Clinical Pastoral Education.


Pastor Euell is a devoted husband and father of three children. Most importantly, he loves people and wants to make heaven his home.




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